Space Bank is a structure which can be found in space. There are a few Space Banks located on the map.

The purpose of the bank is for players who desire a bit of action be able to rob the bank and get away with the money, which - of course - gives them profit. After shooting the NPC in front of the Bank window, you have to shoot the safe multiple times and, after you successfully destroy it, take the money. The police NPCs located inside the building will start shooting and chasing after you straight after you kill the bank keeper. They respawn very quickly, which makes surviving even more challenging.

If you decide to leave the Bank while having the Wanted status, the Space Police will continue the chase until you are no longer wanted or if they successfully defeat you. If you get killed (inside or outside the bank) you will no longer be wanted.

You lose Cr if you get killed!

You can't enter planets/places while being wanted. Same rules apply to the bank itself after you leave it.

  • Space Bank from the outside
  • The look of police guards located around banks
  • Space bank with all 4 Police NPCs around it